Results Comparison

Why do blades sharpened with the Redi-Edge Ice look different?

A proshop sharpening (see below top photo) uses an abrasive wheel which leaves grind lines along the length of the blade. The REIce sharpener uses a hardened Duromite disk which shaves metal from the blade. These two cutting technologies result in completely different appearances along the bottom of the blade.

A slight wavy or scalloped appearance across the blade (see below bottom photo) is normal with this kind of tool. In feedback from early NHL trials, some players reported that this resulted in better glide with less effort. This pattern also acts like a serrated kitchen knife to continue cutting longer even as the blade eventually dulls.

This effect can be minimized, but not eliminated, by using only light downward pressure and alternating the direction of stroke. If you feel or hear the sharpener jump or chatter, you are using too much force. If heavy chatter lines become set in the blade, they may be impossible to remove with the Redi-Edge Ice sharpener. In this case, a traditional pro shop grinder sharpening is needed to return the blade to a relatively flat condition.